November, 2008

Please know that Larry was loved for his art by those of us who were lucky to have played those masterpieces on-air. Larry's work with Phil and the Crew meant the world to me as a young music director and jock. It is music for the ages.

November 13, 2008 11:59 Posted by Curt Lundgren

October, 2008

You did a superb job producing my

song "Stillness." It is a tone poem

that resonates with esoteric Zen

calm. When I first heard it on tape,

I was in heaven. When I wrote it,

I never dreamed it would sound so

rich and magnificant.

A big thanks to you -- wherever you are.

Paula Stone

October 29, 2008 22:37 Posted by Paula Stone

September, 2008

I wanted to give another take on Larry's life, one not as colorful as the Spector/Gold Star years.

I knew Larry in the 80's when we worked together at a post-production house in N. Hollywood called Premore. He had built the recording room there for the owner (the founder of the Solo Cup Company) and it started out mainly as an excuse for this owner to create a kids show.

Anyway, I got to know Larry fairly well, the time spent waiting for some producer or lackey to show up and oversee the session can open up many conversations. We spent a good bit of time together. I was a little older than the average employee there and since I had grown up in Hollywood around the entertainment biz, I was more aware of his background than most.

In retrospect, it seems like every week or so in the 2 years I worked there, some rock star or band would come in to check out the room but in reality, they knew Larry was there; the meeting would invariably be the same each time: no matter how hungover or stoned they were, they would respectfully sit at the feet of the master and listen to what he could do for them and their album.

Larry was probably one of 3 people I met growing up in Hollywood who could even spell the word "humility" must less live a life in that manner, which he did and truly personified. Hearing of his passing, all I can can think of is how much more time we should spend with people who we connect with along this journey.

May your family live a long, healthy life and may you R.I.P.

September 17, 2008 22:14 Posted by Michael Laine

August, 2008


I'm sorry to be entering this so late after Larry's passing. I share in your grief and wish you only better times. Larry was the man who got me started by giving me my first job in the music industry when he hired me at A&M back in 1973. I'll always remember the good times he and I had in the studio all those years. It was an honor to have worked with him. Be healthy and live well.


Ellis Sorkin

August 18, 2008 14:45 Posted by Ellis Sorkin

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