Larry  passed away peacefully in his sleep on his 80th birthday, May 8, 2008. He often said when the quality of his life was diminished, he would be on his way. Although he was diagnosed with emphysema, he died of an apparent heart failure.

We've been married 52 years. It took a lot of adjustments and growing up….and somehow we did it. We made it work. Larry said he knew that women usually outlive men, and didn't want to leave me as an old lady, dependent on him. We developed our own interests, and our own communities of people…and we shared the important things, home and family. We held hands, we finished each other's sentences, and took care of each other. I remember a time when Larry was finishing up a tour with Herb Alpert and the TJB, and they were invited to the White House, but Larry said he'd rather be with me and the kids, and he come home.

When people ask how I am doing, I say when you're complete with someone, when you've said all of the important things there are to say and handled all of the important issues, it's like having finished a good meal. If there is more, it's dessert. I guess I wanted more dessert.  

You couldn't get more humble than Larry. And yet, he was quoted and interviewed more than anybody I know. Months didn't go by without someone wanting to know what he had to say about music. On the day he died, he was scheduled to be filmed for yet another documentary.

I finally started a website where people could go to find out some of what happened back then. If you have something to add, or something to say, feel free to sign the guestbook.

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