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Friday, February 3, 2023

Some Larry Levine quotes:

“Being an engineer is at least eighty-five percent creative and fifteen percent technical.”

“The Wall of Sound only played a small part in Phil Spector’s ability to create hits. It was always about the song; without the song, you’ve got nothing.”

“A big part of the Wall of Sound was the actual air pressure in the room—it was a very small room with a lot of musicians playing all at once, quite loudly, too, so there were all these sound waves bouncing off the walls.”

‘Our concept of echo was distance—not an enhancement of a voice or an instrument, but just distance from that voice or instrument. To our way of thinking, when you put echo on something, you made it go farther away.”

“Nuance comes when your fingers don’t tell your ears what a good job you did—they’re divorced from it—so all you’re hearing is the music, unadorned.”

"A pat on the back is a few inches from a kick in the ass."

posted by Jos Megroedt  from Belgium  on February 03, 2023 9:14

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