Fred Darian’s American Songbook

Cordak Records CD-1802

Released 2007

Recorded at Gold Star Recording Studios

Recording Engineers: Larry Levine and Stan Ross

Remastered for compact disc by Steve Hoffman from original Cordak Records master tapes.

  • Johnny Willow (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • Legend of the Ghost Stage (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails 
  • Stone Mountain (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • Bells of Laredo (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • My Love For Thee (Cochran, Coe Deal) Universal/Polygram 
  • Battle of Gettysburg (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory
  • Strong Man (Darian, O’Neal) Red Sails 
  • Blue Road (Eve Lillith) Van Winkle/Darian 
  • North To Durango (Darian, Van Winkle) Red Sails 
  • A Soldier’s Christmas (Darian, Van Winkle) Red Sails 
  • Jacob’s Ladder (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • Don’t Cry My Lorelei (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • Didn’t I Cry (Darian, Van Winkle, DeLory) Red Sails/DeLory 
  • Tell All The People (Yess) Red Sails 

First time on compact disc from original master tapes assembled from the tape archives of Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood, California. This collection of original renditions of recorded vocals by Fred Darian are presented in this collector series in response to numerous requests from loyal followers, collectors and fans of Fred Darian. Many selections in this series have been composed by Fred Darian with his co-writers and partners Joe VanWinkle and Al DeLory. The songs were originally released on the Jaf and Cordak record labels on 45RPM from 1951 through 1965, some of which gained prominence on the Billboard and Cash Box charts.

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