Originally Released on LP A&M 4108 (1964/02)

Produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss

Arranged by Herb Alpert

Engineered by Larry Levine

Recorded at Gold Star Studios, LA

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Song Listing:













South Of The Border {Kennedy-Carr} [2:16]

The Girl From Ipanema {Gimbel-Jobim-De Moraes} [2:45]

Hello, Dolly! {Jerry Herman} [2:01]

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face {Lerner-Loew} [2:32]

Up Cherry Street {Julius Wechter} [2:23]

Mexican Shuffle {Sol Lake} [2:16]

El Presidente {Sol Lake} [2:52]

All My Loving {McCartney-Lennon} [2:01]

Angelito {Herrera-Ornellas} [2:28]

Salud, Amor y Dinero {Sol Lake} [2:13]

Numero Cinco {Ervan Coleman} [2:21]

Adios, Mi Corazon {Sol Lake} [2:44]

Says Herb - I asked songwriter Sol Lake to try and compose a song that would fit into a shuffle rhythm, and he came up with “Mexican Shuffle”. It opened a new door for me. At that point I felt that I just needed to find songs with strong melodies and put them in an interesting and honest setting. “Hello Dolly!” was a tongue-in-cheek version sung by me and some of the maintenance people at Gold Star Recording Studios, where I did most of the Tijuana Brass recordings. I worked with Larry Levine, a great sound engineer who also had a wonderful perspective on the songs I chose to record from an audience point of view. And I also listened to my partner, Jerry Moss, who had and still has wonderful musical instincts. Here again composer Sol Lake contributed “El Presidente”, “Salud, Amor Y Dinero” and “Adios, Mi Corazon”. When recording recognizable songs, my goal has always been to do them in a way that is different than the original recording and to always try and express the song through the trumpet as if I were singing the lyric.

This is the album that would crack the ice for the phenomenal breakthrough that would follow. It jumped into the Top 10, and by February of 1965 it reached #6. This was the biggest of Alpert’s successes yet and when “Mexican Shuffle” was showed up on a TV commercial for Clark’s Teaberry Gum the Tijuana Brass gained mass audiences the size Alpert had never dreamed of. Soon The Tijuana Brass turned on a permanent lineup of musicians who would go on to become one of the top live draws in the world, selling millions of albums to a remarkable generation-spanning fan base that included teenagers as much as their 50-something parents.

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