Lumumba - Lumumba comes from the Center of the Earth with the World Beat 

Performer: Lumumba

Title: Lumumba comes from the Center of the Earth with the World Beat 

Track Listing:








Sing With the Birds 6:07

Ahoma Trofo (Telephone) 3:40

Twoo Boe (Work Chant) 2:43

Ananse Sem (Akan Folk Tale) 5:20.

Nsu Shiw (Hot Water) 5:05

Love is 50/50 7:23

Kwaku Ne Kwaku 1:33.


All selections written by Lumumba and Obeng and published by Almo Music Corp./ Ebony Music (ASCAP)

Producer: Kwaku Eddie Lynn


Ghana, West Africa Narration Doroben Durugya (whistle flute)

Ammoo Durugya (long flute)/ Fritwiwa (thumb gong)/ Dawuro (gong gong)/ Akasawa (shaker) Jews Harp, Conga/ Ntoa (round drum) flugel horn/


RIM KWAKU OGENG Ghana, West Africa

Ntumpan (talking drum) drums/ Donno (squeeze drum)/ Fritwiwa (thumb gong)/ Akaswaa (shaker)/ brekete drum/ Dawuro (gong gong)/ conga/ Ntoa (round drum) electric piano/ Ammoo Durugya (long flute)

EMMANUEL RENTZOS Ghana, West Africa - electric piano, organ

LUTHER COFFEY St. James, Trinidad - fender bass

KWABENA GYANIFI Ghana, West Africa - fender bass, electric guitar

'YAW' DAVID T. WALKER Los Angeles, CA (Courtesy of Ode Records - electric guitar

Thanks to George Bohanon - Bass Euphonium, Red Callendar-Acoustic Bass and Bobbye Hall Conga

String Arrangements - Rim Kwaku Obeng, 'Kwabena' Calvin Owens

Horn Arrangements - Lumumba

Conductor - Rim Kwaku Obeng

Background Vocals - Victoria Miles, Gloria Green, Lumumba, Rim Kwaku Obeng, Emmanuel Rentzos, George Lee, Eddie Quansah, Willie Cheetan



Engineers - Larry Forkner, Kwaku Eddie Lynn, Larry Levine, Steve Mitchell

Recordist - Milton Calice

Mastering Engineer - Frank DeLuna

Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA

Design - Christopher Whorf/ Rod Dyer, Inc.

Art Direction - Roland Young

Assigned but not released as "SP-4414." SP-3610 released in 1974.


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