Pete Jolly: Herb Alpert Presents Pete Jolly 

Performer: Pete Jolly

Title: Herb Alpert Presents Pete Jolly 

Track Listing:











Windows Of The World (Bacharach/David)

Serenada (Parish/Anderson)

Dindi (Jobim/Gilbert)

You've Got To Be There (Levitt/Sexter)

Like A Lover (Caymmi/Motta/A. Bergman/M. Bergman)

Lonely Girl (Hefti/Livingston/Evans)

Amy's Theme (Sebastian)

Love So Fine (Asher/Nichols)

For Carl (Vinnegar)

Dancing In The Street (Stevenson/Gaye)


This album is a slight departure for Pete Jolly, considering that it leans toward the mainstream rather than "purist" jazz afficionados. Its easygoing manner still has roots in the "West Coast" sound, while being accessible to many fans who aren't jazz oriented. In other hands, it could have come out as jazz Musak. With the renowned Marty Paich penning the unobtrusive arrangements, Pete is never buried under an avalanche of brass or flood of syrupy strings. Instead, his unique sound on the piano shines through. The album is very enjoyable, and the songs draw you in like a magnet. A lesser-known Bacharach/David tune opens the album on an upbeat note. "Dindi" brings to mind a cozy nightclub, late at night, with Pete's jazz trio off in the corner providing a romantic mood. "Like A Lover" gets a treatment more upbeat than its Brasil '66 counterpart, while Alpert's hand is evident in the similar arrangement of "Love So Fine". This LP was one of Pete Jolly's best sellers, and rightfully so. It is also probably the easiest to find of his out-of-print recordings.



Produced by Herb Alpert

Arranged and Conducted by Marty Paich

Musicians: Pete Jolly, piano; Earl Palmer, drums; John Pisano, guitar; Chuck Berghofer, bass. Other musicians uncredited.

Engineers: Larry Levine, Thorn Nogard

A&M Records SP-4145

Released 1968


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