Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: Coney Island  

Performer: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 

Title: Coney Island


Track Listing:













Coney Island {Julius Wechter} [2:13]

I Have Dreamed {Rodgers/Hammerstein} [2:35]

Seņor Mouse {Chick Corea} [4:28]

Mickey (C'est Ainsi Que Les Choses Arrivent) {Michel Colombier} [4:02]

Sweet Georgia Brown {Ben Bernie/Maceo Pinkard/Kenneth Casey} [2:29]

Ratatouille (Coisa No. 1) {Moacyr Santos/Clovis Mello} [3:07]

Catfish {Bob Findley} [2:37]

This Masquerade {Leon Russell} [2:38]

Carmine {Herb Alpert} [5:33]

The Crave {Jelly Roll Morton} [1:52]

Vento Bravo {Edu Lobo} [3:47]

I Belong {Goran Fristorp/Hal David} [5:01].



Herb Alpert, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano, Vocals; Bob Edmondson, Trombone, Bass Trombone; Dave Frishberg, Piano; Vince Charles, Steel Drums/Percussio; Julius Wechter, Marimba/Vibes; Steve Schaeffer, Drums; Papito Hernandez, Bass; Peter Woodford, Guitar; Bob Findley - Trumpet.

This is the reborn TJB's peak of popularity, the music featured in a television special featuring Jim Henson's "Muppets", sponsored by Sentry, which aired in September of 1974. Alpert and TJB would also make an appearance on "The Midnight Special". There are more off-beat or original tracks on this, casting the band in a new and more adventurous light. "Carmine", "Vento Bravo" and Chick Corea's "Seņor Mouse" allow the band to stretch more than the TJB of old, and emphasizing more improvisation by the group members.

It is rumored that tracks were recorded for a third TJB reunion album. A couple of those songs were featured on various television specials and released as 45 RPM single B-sides, but they've never surfaced on any TJB album yet. After Coney Island, Alpert would disband the TJB and begin doing projects under his own name. In 1986, the band would reunite.



Produced by Herb Alpert

Arranged by Herb Alpert except where noted

Orchestration on "Mickey" by Peter Matz

Arrangement on "The Crave" by Dave Frishberg

Orchestration/Arrangement on "Carmine" by Herb Alpert

Engineer: Stan Ross & Larry Levine

Album released 1975

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