Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: What Now My Love

Performer: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 

Title: What Now My Love

Track Listing:













What Now My Love {Becaud-Sigman} [2:18]

Freckles {Ervan Coleman} [2:12]

Memories Of Madrid {Sol Lake} [2:23]

It Was A Very Good Year {Ervin Drake} [3:37]

So What's New? {John Pisano} [2:07]

Plucky {Alpert-Pisano} [2:21]

Magic Trumpet {Bert Kaempfert} [2:18]

Cantina Blue {Sol Lake} [2:34]

Brasilia {Julius Wechter} [2:30]

If I Were A Rich Man {Harnick-Rock} [2:33]

Five Minutes More {Styne-Cahn} [1:53]

The Shadow Of Your Smile {Mandel-Webster} [3:28]


The tide turns slightly toward the serious on this album, but that did nothing to lessen the TJB's popularity: this album remained at #1 on the Billboard Album chart for nine weeks, the longest of any TJB album. The incredibly fluid arrangement of the title track is a standout, as are "Memories of Madrid", "Five Minutes More", "The Magic Trumpet", and the ever-popular "So Whats' New?". What's especially notable about this album is that there seems to be a few different versions of this album floating around. The mono version seems to be a constant. One stereo version is actually a stereo mix of the mono album. A second stereo version has a few notable differences to it, and this version would be the one that ended up on the CD version of this album. The second stereo version has, among other things, a missing trombone lead-in part in "Brasilia," and the tune "Plucky" not only has a second marimba part dubbed in, there's a section in the middle of the song where it pauses, and a small "strip tease" segment is inserted. (And yet the track timing on the album still reflects the non-strip-tease version.) Others report that one version of "What Now My Love" seems more echo-ey or distant than the other.



Produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss

Arranged by Herb Alpert

Engineer: Larry Levine

Billboard peak album chart position: 1, 9 weeks (debuted 5/21/66)

Weeks in Top 40 album chart: 141

RIAA certified Gold (5/9/66)

Album released 1966

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