Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: Going Places

Performer: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 

Title: Going Places

Track Listing:













Tijuana Taxi {Ervan Coleman} [2:05]

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You {George Bassman} [1:59]

More And More Amor {Sol Lake} [2:44]

Spanish Flea {Julius Wechter} [2:07]

Mae {Riz Ortolani} [2:27]

3rd Man Theme {Anton Karas} [2:28]

Walk, Don't Run {J. Smith} [1:50]

Felicia {John Pisano} [2:45]

And The Angels Sing {Mercer-Elman} [2:34]

Cinco De Mayo {Chris Montez} [2:15]

A Walk In The Black Forest {Schwarzwaldfahrt-Jankowski} [1:48]

Zorba The Greek {Mikis Theodorakis} [4:25]


Completing the one-two punch, the Brass released Going Places, their fifth album. Rather than the uniquely arranged pop songs, it was the two original tracks on the album that garnered the attention. The happy-go-lucky Ervan "Bud" Coleman tune "Tijuana Taxi" would become the quintessential TJB song, as would the Julius Wechter penned "Spanish Flea". By this time, Alpert now had a "real" Tijuana Brass assembled to handle the touring aspect of performing. But arranging still never takes the back burner: check out the surf hit "Walk, Don't Run", the big band standard "Getting Sentimental Over You", and the quirky "Third Man Theme" redone with a rock and roll beat. Debuting on this album would be the eternal TJB concert favorite "Zorba The Greek". I'm sure, when it was released, Going Places and Whipped Cream had to be the ultimate party albums ! It's also notable that, once this album shot up the charts, the TJB became the only band in Billboard chart history to place four albums in the top ten, a feat that remains unequalled to this day.

One interesting single from this album is A&M #787, which features "Tijuana Taxi" b/w "Zorba The Greek." This is probably the most unique TJB single, as both sides feature mixes that aren't available on an official album. Since this, as all A&M singles, is mono, Larry Levine likely made the single mix of this recording. First of all, both songs used a lot of compression, and are a little brighter than their LP counterparts. This would have given them more punch on both radio and jukebox. "Tijuana Taxi" notably has extra horn honks in it. "Zorba" is edited quite a few times--at least half a dozen, one of which is a major editing of the slow midsection, which barely exists on this single. Also notable is the phony audience noise added to make it sound like a live recording. If you listen closely, especially during the final few bars of the songs, you can hear the trombone prominently in the mix, where it's non-existent on the LP versions. Note that these versions appear only on these first-pressing A&M singles; any of the reissues (such as in the Forget-Me-Nots series) have the mono album mixes.



Produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss

Arranged by Herb Alpert

Engineer: Larry Levine

Billboard peak album chart position: 1, 6 weeks (debuted 11/6/65)

Weeks in Top 40 album chart: 107

RIAA certified Gold (12/15/65)

Album released 1965

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