Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Performer: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass 

Title: Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Track Listing:













A Taste Of Honey {Scott-Marlow} [2:43]

Green Peppers {Sol Lake} [1:31]

Tangerine {Mercer-Shertinzer} [2:46]

Bittersweet Samba {Sol Lake} [1:46]

Lemon Tree {Will Holt} [2:23]

Whipped Cream {Naomi Neville} [2:33]

Love Potion No. 9 {Leiber-Stoller} [3:02]

El Garbanzo {Sol Lake} [2:13]

Ladyfingers {Toots Thielmans} [2:43]

Butterball {Mike Henderson} [2:12]

Peanuts {Luis Guerrero} [2:09]

Lollipops And Roses {Tony Velona} [2:27]


The world was quite unprepared for the explosive success of the fourth TJB album. Alpert's reputation as an ace arranger would be cast in concrete after the song "A Taste Of Honey" hit the ears of the record buying public. Nobody had ever heard that song in this context before--a slow pressure-cooker beginning, followed by a few well-placed bass drum kicks and a trombone "blaaaat" before the TJB shuffles off into the melody. Herb had quite a "buzz" about this song, while Jerry felt that the "Third Man Theme" was the hit, and it was released on the A-side with "A Taste of Hone" on the flip side. Turns out that the B-side soon became the A-side. Both songs charted, but "A Taste of Honey" was the real hit.

Al Hirt originally rejected the title track of this album, and Herb recorded it, selling 150,000 copies in the process. Jerry Moss came up with the idea to do an entire album of song with food titles. Thus was born the idea for this album. As for the other excellent songs on this set, Sol Lake's "Bittersweet Samba" is a standout as well, and the strip tease arrangement of "Love Potion #9" swings its burritos off. There's even a shot of polka music with "Peanuts"--go grab the accordion, Frankie! Two of this album's songs, the title track and "Lollipops and Roses", were used on popular game shows of the day. This album propelled the TJB to the top of the charts, and cemented the Brass as a top-flight recording act.

This album even invited a little controversy into the act--just what "other delights" are promised by the whipped-cream-covered girl on the front cover? For that matter, who was lucky enough to dish out all that whipped cream to...oh, never mind! What actually appeared to be whipped cream was actually shaving cream in the photo. And to top it off, under all that shaving cream, model Dolores Erickson was three months pregnant!



Produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss

Arranged by Herb Alpert

Engineer: Larry Levine

Billboard peak album chart position: 1, 8 weeks (debuted 6/12/65)

Weeks in Top 40 album chart: 141

RIAA certified Gold (12/15/65)

Album released 1965

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